Letter from Our Chairman

It is a big honor and privilege to follow in the footsteps of our founding Chairman Patrick Hanley. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take the reins and lead the foundation into this next season of thriving.

We believe that the most important step to creating a better and brighter world to live in, is to first start with our own communities. Leveraging the powerful collaboration between our employees and local nonprofit organizations, we provide both financial support through grants, as well as volunteerism to support the work of these incredible organizations. Additionally, the partnership with our corporate philanthropic partners and employees provides the chance to achieve much more than we could alone.

Because Socius serves clients all over the country, The Socius Foundation Grants Program is strengthened through national fundraising events, sponsorship opportunity, donations from our business partners, as well as the Socius employee family.

Thank you to all those supporting the Socius Foundation as board members, committee members, volunteers, financial donors, Socius Foundation event attendees and all those who further our mission. Your time and contributions will have a long-lasting impact on these very special communities.

Paul Lefcourt
Socius Foundation Chairman of the Board

Paul Lefcourt

The Socius Foundation welcomes donations via this website from:
California – Illinois – Florida – Alabama

Donors outside the above states please mail donations to:

Attention: Milly Hanley
The Socius Foundation
99 Osgood Place
Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94133